[Neuzugang] The Dark Heart of Florence von Michele Giuttari

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Informationen zum Buch (Taschenbuch)
Erscheinungsdatum: 18.07.2013
Verlag: Little, Brown Book Group
ISBN: 978-1-4087-0449-3
Preis: 15,60€
Seiten: 416

Florentine police chief Michele Ferrara's latest case. An evocative, gripping work of detective fiction, from a major European bestseller.
'It was a night that would be long remembered. The Florence police would come to call it a night of horror, the start of a new nightmare . . .'
After enduring years at the mercy of an infamous serial killer, the people of Florence rejoice at news of his death - until a senator is found brutally murdered.
To Chief Superintendent Michele Ferrara the case is very much alive. But, with a powerful adversary conspiring against him, he is trapped in a spiral of corruption and deadly speculation. As the truth comes to light, Ferrara is left standing face-to-face with something truly rotten at the heart of the city... (Quelle: Little, Brown Book Group)

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